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ALECOS company is a family business, engaged with the manufacturing of coffee grinding and coffee roasting machines for more than 80 years.

It all started in1927, when Alecos Zafeiropoulos, a qualified technician in the construction of water and flour mills became a pioneer, by constructing the first electric coffee grinders with emerystones.

The excellent milling features of those grinders, gave the possibility to the coffee grinders to reach an extremely high grinding level and homogeneity in grinding, which remain even today insuperable, since the progressive friction coffee grinding is achieved, and the coffee bean is not submitted to crushing pressures, which means it is not crushed and pulped, resulting in its tasty and aromatic features remaining unaltered.

Having artistic feeling and always thequality as a goal - after experience and know-how of decades - today after 2 generations, the machinery ALECOS remains insuperable and is the choice of the top professionals of the field, making it's name synonym of quality''...