Coffee Grinder F140


Coffee Grinder F140

Espresso Coffee Grinders


This productive coffee grinder is used for the grinding of espresso and all filter coffees (French, German, American etc.). Coffee's grinding executed by metallic discs of 140mm diameter and its efficiency, which exceeds 35 kgr/h, allows us to cover the needs of the retail sale but also these of bigger demand (hotels, coffee houses etc.).This coffee grinder is equipped with a powerful electric motor (1.5 horse-power, 1500 rpm), which allows it to work continuously for many hours without the risk of overheating, while the low revolving speed of the discsensures an almost noiseless function.

The adjustment of the coffee grinding level is done in the front side of the machine, from a revolving selector of 10 numbered positions (photo 1), so that we can adjust exactly the desired thickness of the cutting depended on the type of coffee. So we know, for example, that espresso coffee is cut in position 1, the German coffee in position 3 and so on. The quality of the coffee grinding is exceptional, the coffee is always cut at the same thickness in the specified number.

This feature is the reason why it is chosen by the most important coffee grinders' as the basic filter coffee grinder of their equipment. Despite the fact that its typical form is on a standing wooden base and with a bag system (photo 2) in order to be placed on the counter of the retailsale, this coffee grinder can easily be put on a larger base with a drawer of a capacity of 12 kilos. As all the ALECOS coffee grinders of course, it is equipped with aspecial protecting magnet, which retains the iron objects that may be contained in the coffee beans, so protecting the cutting surfaces from possible damage.

DIMENSIONS 40-95-60 cm
WEIGHT 35 kg
POWER 1.5 - 2 HP
VOLTAGE AC 220-380 V50 Hz

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